Seoul – Sep 02, 2014

남산 tower. I climb there on my own feet. And alone :)

I can see that i was trying in vain. Hopeless. 3000 attendants – without magic, it’s impossible for me to find u. And even if i found u, nothing can guarantee that we can be back together. There’s less and less hope for me.

So, it can be considered the end of our relationship. I should set u free, so u can have ur own happiness.

Now we’re just 2 random person in this world. Now we just know that there is another person who once we were in love with.

And, of course, i’m the one who deserves to be blamed. I don’t think that i can ever forget this pain.

안녕히가세요 :)


Hanoi – Aug 30, 2014 (2)


Another day is going to pass by. The last day in Hanoi of my vacation is getting closer.

And Seoul is getting closer to me too.

But there are so many things haunting my mind at the moment. The chance of having u back to me is now just 1%, after my friend did the Tarot reading to me.

The sides inside me are fighting. One side doesn’t want to lose u, while the other side tells me to let u go.

Anyway, i still hope that we can meet in Seoul, so we can together decide our future – to put an end to our relationship, or to heal it so we can build it again from the start :)

Hanoi – Aug 30, 2014


Yesterday i asked my friend to use Tarot to read how our relationship will become. And, really, the deck told me that i’m trying in vain. What i did to u in the past was not enough for u to believe in me. It’s selfish if i try to keep u for myself.

So, i’ll let u go if it is the better choice for u.

I want u to be happy, and if u’r not happy with me, i should let u go.

However, i still need to say my apologize. I still need to find u and ask for a forgiveness. 

Now, let’s head to a brighter future :)

Hanoi – Aug 26, 2014


The day that i’ll leave is getting close. My head is still being filled with anxiety. I can’t foresee the outcome of this trip. I may win it all, or i may lose it all. Everything can happen.

I need a good sleep now, i guess :)